Winter Update

I wanted to share updates on the recent activities of ANC5E as well as the following upcoming events:


Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 6  Edgewood Rec Center

Please join The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) and the Department of General Services (DGS) on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, for a construction kickoff meeting regarding the upcoming Edgewood Park and Recreation Center modernization project. 
Moody Nolan Architecture, the architects that have been working with DGS, DPR and the community, will review the previously approved designs for the new park and recreation center. DGS and DPR representatives will also introduce the Edgewood Construction Team (Coakley & Williams Construction / Blue Skye Construction) to the community. The construction team will provide an overview of the project construction schedule, site access, work hours and answering any other construction related questions. 
Wednesday, December 6 - 6:30 PM 
Inspired Teaching Public Charter School 200 Douglas Street, NE

Saturday, December 9 EdFest

Come to EdFEST and explore the city’s public school options (PK3-12) for your child. Representatives from DCPS and public charter schools will showcase their programs. With the launch of the My School DC lottery application on December 11, 2017 for the 2018-19 school year, EdFEST is a timely event to help you make informed school selections.    

Saturday, December 9 - 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
DC Armory (2001 East Capitol St SE)

Monday, December 11 ANC5E Special Meeting

ANC5E is holding a special meeting at the Summit at St. Martin's. You can see the full agenda here but the primary purpose of the meeting is to vote on the Foulger-Pratt Eckington Yards proposed development at R St NE. We will also vote on withdrawing the ABRA protest for Brookland Market, which agreed to move its alcohol sales hours from 7:30 am - 10 pm to 9 am - 10 pm.

December 11, 2017 - 7:00-8:00 pm
The Summit at St. Martin’s - 116 T Street NE

Tuesday December 19 Regular ANC5E Meeting

We're having our normal ANC5E meeting and several Edgewood/Brookland items will be on the agenda (forthcoming on 12/12).

December 19, 2017 at 7pm - 9pm
Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School - 1400 1st St NW


Historic Designation for St. Paul's and Review of new Paulist Building

On December 19, ANC5E will review the proposed design for the new Paulist building, which is part of the proposed Boundary / Elm Street development the ANC reviewed in May. The design, which you can see here, meets the standard of our resolution, which was to set the building 75 feet back from the existing homes in the area.

On November 16, The HPRB Board designated St. Paul’s College, 3015/3025 4th Street NE, a historic landmark in the D.C. Inventory of Historic Sites with the modified boundaries recommended by HPO, and recommended that the relevant historical information in the two nominations be combined and archaeological potential be addressed in the final nomination for forwarding to the National Register of Historic Places for listing as of local significance. You can see the staff report and proposed boundaries here.

On October 17, ANC5E voted to support the historic designation application 17-14 and opposes the historic designation application 17-21. You can see the resolution here. For more background, see here.

Transportation Resolution

I'm drafting and hoping to introduce a resolution that encourages DDOT, the Mayor, and the Council to prioritize and fund "all ways" of transportation for our neighborhood as we approach FY2019 budget season in the spring. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the following:
  1. A safe and fast bus network 
    1. Balanced bus stops that provide shorter trips and shorter wait times
      1. Along 7th St NE, remove G8 stops at Kearny St NE and Hamlin St NE (leaving stops at Monroe, Jackson, Franklin).
    2. Install bus shelters on the southbound G8 stops on 7th St NE at Monroe, Jackson, and Franklin.
  1. A safe way to walk
    1. Complete sidewalk on east side of 8th St NE between Monroe and Lawrence
    2. Install a temporary stop sign or hawk signal during construction at 8th and Monroe and a permanent signal when construction is completed.
    3. Fund a feasibility study in the FY2019 budget for a Hamlin Street Pedestrian bridge over the metro tracks, as recommended in the 2015 DDOT Brookland-Edgewood Liveability Study.
    4. Allocate a Transportation Control Officer (TCO) to Hope Tolson Public Charter School at Hamlin and 8th St NE and another to DC Prep and City Arts and Prep Public Charter Schools at 7th and Franklin.
  1. Safe routes for bikers and drivers
    1. Prioritize the 8th St extension of the Metropolitan Branch Trail
    2. Study the Edgewood St / 8th St / Franklin St triangle with an eye towards improving the flow for traffic, while prioritizing safety for the charter schools located in this area. 
8th St 

In response to our 8th St Sidewalk petition, DDOT came to Dance Place to discuss the transportation situation on 8th St. At the meeting, they gave an update on the Monroe Street Bridge project, which is continuing, but has been slightly delayed. You can see updates every Friday on their website,

DDOT has sent out a proposed 8th St sidewalk extension. They are still working to identify funding but your continued advocacy is much appreciated.

Met Branch Trail Extension 

Finally, DDOT also presented several preliminary alternatives for a 8th St extension of the Met Branch Trail, from Franklin to Monroe. I'd love to get your feedback on the proposals below.

Which do you prefer?

East Side Protected Bike Lane (original)
West Side Protected Bike Lane (alternate)
Advisory Lanes Concept
One-way Conversion with Contraflow
No change with minor improvements

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