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This page collects information on transportation projects - road and bridge work, bike lanes, and proposals for transportation projects - in and around ANC 5E01 and Edgewood. For more information, contact me directly.

Monroe Street Bridge Reconstruction

DDOT began construction in late 2017 to replace the aging Monroe Street bridge over the train tracks between 8th and 9th streets NE. Rehabilitation of the north side of the bridge completed in late 2018; the south side of the bridge is currently under construction.  

Along with a complete reconstruction of the bridge structure, the project will also enhance pedestrian safety (by widening the north sidewalk and removing utility poles from the south sidewalk) and utility reliability to the surrounding neighborhoods.  

DDOT has installed a new traffic signal at the corner of 8th and Monroe St. NE, which should be activated in February 2019.  

Expected completion: November 2019.


For more information and project updates, click here.  You can find notes from my February 2019 meeting with the project team here.  

Irving Street Crosstown Bike Lanes

DDOT is currently developing designs for a proposed bike lane on Irving Street NE/NW between Michigan Avenue NE and the 400 block of Kenyon Street NW.  DDOT began hosting public meetings on this project in 2015, which have continued throughout 2018.  This project would connect existing protected bike lanes along 4th St. NE with a protected route west to the Park View neighborhood. 

You can find more information on the proposed Crosstown bike project here.

8th St. and Franklin St. Bike Lanes

DDOT has issued a "Notice of Intent" to install bike lanes along the Franklin St. Bridge, between 7th and 12th St. NE. DDOT also plans to install upgraded pedestrian warning signals at the intersection of Franklin and 6th St. NE.  

You can view video of the May 31, 2019 community meeting on the Franklin St. bike lanes and traffic calming efforts here

You can view reference materials related to the Franklin Street project - presentations, reports, studies- here.


DDOT also hopes to install protected bike lanes on 8th St. NE, closing a gap in the popular Metropolitan Branch Trail.

You can view video of the July 31, 2019 Single Member District meeting where these issues were discussed here

You can view the proposals and related project materials here.

Hamlin Street Pedestrian Bridge

In 2009 (in the Brookland Small Area Plan) and again in 2015 (in the Brookland-Edgewood Livability Study), DC agencies have proposed building pedestrian bridges over the CSX/metro tracks on the east end of Edgewood.  These proposed bridges would provide a more pedestrian-friendly connection between Edgewood and Brookland than the existing Monroe St. and Franklin St. bridges.  They would also connect the growing 8th and 12th street business corridors, and reduce travel time between 8th and 9th streets NE.


In January of 2018, ANC5E - led by former 5E01 Commissioner Ed Garnett - unanimously passed a Comprehensive Transportation Resolution supporting the funding of this project, and over 425 residents signed a petition of support for the project.   The next step is to obtain funding from the DC Council for a feasibility study (approximately $25,000). 

For more information on the Hamlin Street pedestrian bridge proposal, click here.