September Update

I hope everyone had a great summer. The Advisory Neighborhood Commission traditionally takes off the July and August months, so our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 07:00 PM at Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School. Here’s a quick roundup of news and notes that impact our Edgewood community.


8th St NE Sidewalk

As part of the Monroe Street Bridge project, DDOT is adding sidewalks on the east side of 8th St from Monroe to Lawrence. There is currently a sidewalk in front of Dance Place and the ArtSpace Lofts, as you can see below. The sidewalk installation is scheduled for April 2018, and I am strongly encouraging DDOT to complete the sidewalk between Lawrence and Kearny. Please sign our petition.

8th St Biking

You may have noticed that the alley on Franklin now allows bikes to travel between 7th and 8th, where the Met Branch Trail ends. I’m still hopeful we can find a solution with DDOT to extend the MBT along 8th either along the street (as envisioned at our January meeting) or off-street.

Upcoming Zoning Actions

The BZA hearing for the St. Paul’s project that the ANC approved in May will be postponed from September 27. There is an outstanding historic preservation application for the building that will be heard at some point in the fall. The ANC will likely vote on whether to support the historic preservation application in October.

DC Water Work Coming to Edgewood

As part of its Capital Improvement Program, DC Water is replacing existing 12-inch and smaller cast iron water mains in Edgewood. These efforts will help improve water quality and system reliability, increase water pressure in some areas, and maintain adequate flows throughout the system (see construction map and details). The work will primarily impact Edgewood, 7th, and Hamlin Streets beginning in September 2017 and ending in. April 2018. If a planned temporary water service shut-off is necessary, affected residents will be notified 48 hours in advance. 

DC Water will also be replacing individual water meters as part of a separate project, beginning in October 2017. Affected residents will notified individually but approximately 95% of the meter installations are located in outside pits in public space, thus minimizing impacts to customers.

DC Water has also launched a new website. Customers who previously signed up for an online account will need to re-register. Those who were participating in recurring payments will need to re-enroll in those functions, as well as the e-bill option. Customers will need the address, account number and customer’s last name to re-register.

Please visit for details.

Edgewood Triangle Dog Park

The Friends of Edgewood Park sponsored a dog park application for the triangle between 4th St, Lincoln, and Franklin St. The application was recently approved by DC Department of Parks and Recreation. If you’d like to be added to the list to continue to receive updates, shoot me an email at

SolarWorks Program = Jobs and Possible Free Solar

DC has launched a SolarWorks Program. The Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) and the Department of Employment Services (DOES) have partnered to develop Solar Works DC, a new low-income solar installation and job training program. GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic will be implementing the first year of the program, preparing participating District residents to enter careers in solar and related industries, while reducing energy costs for qualified low-income District homeowner by installing solar systems on their homes. Between 60 and 100 low-income District homeowners will receive no-cost solar electric systems on their homes during the first year of Solar Works DC. To qualify for no-cost solar, residents must be below the Area Median Income. For more, see

It Would’t Be the ANC Without: Parking

I signed off on an Residential Parking Permit application for the 3100 block of 7th St. Many of the blocks in ANC5E01 already have RPP restrictions (see red streets below). Parking in front of one’s home is not a right, but RPP is a good way of balancing residential with visitor and other needs for parking. I’m happy to sign off on future petitions so please feel free to reach out.


I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things at our September meeting. If you’ve got input, feel free to contact me on twitter @eddie4dc or via email at I remain honored to serve and am hopeful that the work we do together is making our community a better place now and in the future.


Commissioner Eddie Garnett


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