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ANC 5E01 - Winter Updates

Hopefully done with this for the year...

Hello Neighbors!

Updates from and affecting our triangle of the District, from the Brookland Metro, to the Dew Drop Inn, to Trinity University. In this update: (1) my upcoming Single Member District meeting; (2) development and building updates; (3) transportation and construction information; (4) public safety notes; (5) dog parks, budgets, and historic preservation.

1) Save the Date - Single Member District Meeting 3/21/19

Join me for my first Single Member District meeting on Thursday, March 21 at 6:30pm at Lee Montessori Charter School. We'll talk public safety, transportation, green space, and more. Most importantly, I want to know *your* thoughts on how to make Edgewood a better place for current and future residents.

*Note that the next full ANC 5E meeting is on Tuesday, March 19 at 7:00pm at Friendship Armstrong Public Charter School. You can view the agenda here.

2) Buildings, Construction, Grocery Stores, Developments

A grocery store at 7th and Monroe, hopefully. I don't know what it will be, but I do know that Pritzker Realty is actively working to bring a "small format" (read: not a full-size Giant or Safeway) grocery store to the ground floor of the development. Beyond a grocery store, the development will include 145 residential units. Construction is moving along and expected to finish by fall 2020 (though the fencing should come down before then). You can view the plans here.

In other development news:

  • The proposed apartment complex (by Hanover Company) at 8th and Jackson NE is set for a public zoning hearing on April 25, 2019 at 6:30 PM. Members of the public are welcome to testify at the hearing or submit written testimony in advance. You can view the developer's presentation here and all the zoning commission documents and submissions here. (Tip: on the zoning page, click "View Full Log" and poke around the submissions).

  • 22 townhomes are coming to 7th and Irving, just south of Holy Redeemer College. The construction team has finished all of the public utility work, roadway and alley paving, and foundations; framing is up next. You can view the developer's presentation here and all the zoning documents and submissions here.

  • 60 townhomes and a new building for the Missionary Society of St. Paul are coming to the east side of 4th St. NE between Michigan and Franklin. This project is in the pre-construction phase, with construction expected to begin in late 2019 or early 2020. You can view the plans here.

Outside but nearby our neighborhood:

  • The Menkiti Group published an update on the empty lot at 9th and Monroe NE (former Colonel Brooks' Tavern). Short version (and omitting the long history): the lot is currently leased to the Monroe St. Bridge reconstruction team, and MG is awaiting updates to DC's Comprehensive Plan before moving forward.

  • The massive Rhode Island Shopping Center redevelopment project is underway, and demolition on the existing mall has started.

  • The Edgewood Recreation Center is on track to be finished late this summer. As construction continues, DPR is working with the community to plan programs for seniors, teens, kids, adults, and families. You can view the presentation from the March 7 community meeting here. DPR will follow up with online and paper surveys in April, and another community meeting in March.

3) Roads, Bridges, Bike Lanes, Tunnels

The Monroe St. Bridge reconstruction should be completed by the end of the year. I sat down with the project team last month; you can find my summary here. Short version: it's a complicated project, owing to the utilities and train tracks running underneath the bridge. But the finished product should be a significant improvement to the neighborhood.

The traffic and pedestrian signals at 8th and Monroe are up and running. While these were originally slated for activation at the end of the project, DDOT accelerated the timeline.

While DC recently announced 100 new "no turn on red" intersections, none of the intersections in our neighborhood (including 7th and Monroe and 8th and Monroe) were selected. 10th and Monroe was. DDOT says the originally selected intersections were based on criteria including pedestrian volume and sight lines, and that more intersections will be added to the "no turn on red" list soon.

Two other outstanding initiatives that have been the subject of complaints and service requests over the past two years: traffic calming along 7th St., and traffic management along 8th St. and Edgewood, particularly related to pickup and dropoff at the schools along that stretch. These projects have been "stuck in the mud," so to speak. But there are signs of progress: DDOT plans a comprehensive traffic study of the area around the charter schools this spring, which should hopefully lead to concrete steps to improve the situation by next fall.

Bike Lanes: DDOT is in various stages of design/planning for three bike lane projects in our neck of the woods:

  • Crosstown Bike Lanes/Irving St. NE: You can view the project website here. The crosstown lanes seek to connect Edgewood/Brookland with Park View, running along Irving St. NE from Michigan Ave. and Kenyon St. While technically outside our Single Member District, these lanes would provide a protected and rare east-west link, and would connect to the new 4th St. bike lane. Planning for this project began in 2015, and DDOT hopes to begin work on the E-W portion of this project in 2019.

  • 8th St. NE/Metropolitan Branch Trail: Two years ago, DDOT called the 8th St, on-street portion of the Metropolitan Branch Trail the "weak link in the existing trail network." Since then, DDOT has drafted preliminary designs for a bike lane along 8th St. You can view those designs here. We hope to continue working toward a solution for 8th St. that works for residents, cyclists, and businesses, and I welcome your feedback to find that solution.

  • Franklin St. NE: DDOT presented initial designs for a proposed bike lane along Franklin St. to the Edgewood Civic Association and ANC 5E last fall. You can view those designs here. Franklin St. is a bit of an oddity: it expands from one lane to two between 12th and 4th St.; it features two WB lanes and one EB lane; the road is extremely wide along the bridge (which promotes speeding); there is rush-hour restricted residential parking on the north side of Franklin between 4th and 7th; and the stretch is among the most crash prone in the area. As with 8th St., We hope to find a solution that works for residents and cyclists, and I welcome feedback on how best to do that.

Finally, the extensive DC Water Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project is in progress, and includes construction sites at 4th and Rhode Island, and Rhode Island near the Metro/CSX tracks. This is another necessary project, designed to alleviate chronic flooding in nearby neighborhoods and improve the health of the Anacostia. But it will be a long term headache as well, with completion slated for 2022. Traffic restrictions on Rhode Island begin this week.

4) Public Safety

A few notes on public safety and MPD:

  • The basics: Edgewood is in MPD's Fifth District and "Police Service Area" (PSA) 502 (map here if you're curious). I've copied the contact information for PSA 502 leadership below. You are welcome to reach out (and copy me) with any public safety issues or concerns:

  • MPD is phasing out its crime map system for a new "crime cards" system. I think the new system is an upgrade. For example, you can view a map of all reported crimes in our ANC (5E) here, and further filter by time, type of crime, and zone.

  • Residents are now encouraged to call 311 (instead of 911) for "non-emergencies," including noise complaints, fender benders, vandalism, destruction of property, and for any crimes that have happened in the past with no reported injuries, and when the suspect is no longer on the scene. MPD has a "who should I call" page here.

  • MPD hosts 5th District Citizens' Advisory Council meeting on the fourth Thursday of every month at MPD 5D headquarters on Bladensburg road. This sounds more formal than it is - these meetings are more of a free-flowing discussion with MPD 5D leadership and related agencies (Mayor's Office, Councilmember's Office, DOJ, community liaisons). It's a good forum to air concerns, ask questions, or just listen and learn.

  • You can sign up for the Fifth District listserv by going here or sending an email to

5) Everything else:

Holy Redeemer College (at 7th and Jackson) NE has filed an application for historic landmark designation. You can view the application here. This application was negotiated and required as part of the approval process for the 22 townhomes being built on the south side of the College. I plan to support the application at the next ANC 5E meeting on 3/19, and hope to provide more updates at my 3/21 SMD meeting.

One other note on Holy Redeemer College: the Redemptorists plan to move their headquarters - and a resident staff of 8-12 - back to the site this summer. While the zoning approval gives the Redemptorists some flexibility to convert the building to private residential use in the future, there are no plans to do that at this time. More information here.

It's budget season. Last month, Councilmember McDuffie hosted a budget engagement forum in Brookland. There, residents learned about the budget process and voiced their budget priories. You can learn more about the budget process and basics here, and you can view the audience feedback here. You can also view Councilmember McDuffie's budget letter here.

A dog park in Edgewood? One item that did not make it into Councilmember McDuffie's budget letter is funding for a dog park in Edgewood. Neighborhood group Friends of Edgewood Recreation Center proposed and applied for a dog park in the triangle park at Franklin, 4th, and Lincoln back in 2016. ANC 5E supported the effort, and DPR approved the application in 2017. Now the city needs to fund the park (estimated at ~$200,000). If you want to help support this effort - or have other thoughts - reach out to me at

As always, please reach out with any questions, concerns, or just to chat; or 202-656-1324.

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