June Update

A quick update on the June 20 ANC5E meeting and the June15 ANC5E01 Single Member District (SMD) meeting.


June 15 SMD Meeting (video)

Mike Goodno from DDOT presented the plans for the 4th St bike lane (presentation). The bike lane is proposed to run along the west side of 4th St between Franklin and Michigan Ave NE. The plan will remove rush hour parking restrictions on the east side of 4th St. Both of these measures should provide traffic calming on 4th, which is a 4 lane wide road that feels like a highway but connects Trinity University, Lee Montessori, Washington Leadership Academy, and the basilica. I'll continue to work with DDOT as the new development on 4th St takes place to make the street safe and livable for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers.


I presented a draft Comprehensive Plan amendment to implement the recommendation of the 2016 Brookland-Edgewood Liveability Study to create a pedestrian bridge over the metro and freight rail tracks at Hamlin Street. I think this bridge would increase the connection between Brookland and Edgewood and provide a safer route for children on both sides of the tracks to school as well as increased foot traffic for business. You can provide comments here.

June 20 ANC5E Meeting (video agenda)

In our final meeting before a summer break in July and August we covered a robust agenda. I've highlighted items of particular note to the ANC5E01 community.


Edgewood Rec Center

The plans for the new rec center look fantastic (here) and I am excited about the positive impact this will have on all parts of our community, from the senior room to the splash park for our youngest residents (or perhaps some of our seniors as well). I heard the concerns of many residents about the current parking situation on Evarts, particularly with respect to the Inspired Teaching school pickup and drop off.


We were asked to vote on a special exception for the Rec Center to exceed lot occupancy requirements and not provide the required 3 off-street spaces. I asked particularly about how we could help the residents of 5E who might not be able to walk or bike to the center.  DPR was open to working with me and the commissioners representing the Rec Center area (map) on providing a shuttle for elderly or disabled residents.

I understand the sensitivity around parking throughout 5E and especially in the area around the Rec Center. I would highly recommend that affected residents submit Residential Parking Permit applications. As you can see, many areas in 5E01 have RPP restrictions. 

ANC5E voted 6-4 to oppose the special exemption. I voted (in the minority) to support the expeditious construction of the Rec Center, without the required parking. I believe that the benefits of the Rec Center outweigh the costs.

The parking situation in Edgewood would not be materially affected by forcing the Rec Center to have the 3 required spaces. Finally, DPR committed to seeking on-street spaces reserved for those with handicap stickers. 

Resolution: Despite the ANC's vote, the Board of Zoning Adjustment voted unanimously to support the special exception for the Rec Center (video file). I applaud those who spearheaded this project, particularly prior Commissioners Sally Hobaugh and Debbie Steiner, and look forward to seeing the Rec Center to completion.

4th St Bike Lane

ANC5E voted unanimously to support DDOT's proposal to build a bike lane on 4th St NE. I look forward to refining the plan with them and appreciate any feedback the community has to offer. This should integrate seamlessly with the existing bike lane on 4th south of Franklin and with the new Rec Center on 3rd and Evarts.

St. Paul's College Historic Designation

Jacqueline Drayer presented on the DC Preservation League's application to designate the St. Paul's College site as historic. She provided this handout.  You can catch up on the recent St. Paul's development application, but the upshot is that the historic preservation process will be decided before the BZA rules on the development (likely in September). I've excerpted the DCPL handout below:

DCPL regularly nominates buildings to the DC Inventory. Listing on the DC Inventory protects the building against demolition. Additions or major exterior alterations to a listed building must be proposed to and approved by the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB).

Listing on the DC Inventory does NOT mean that a building can never be changed. Rather, proposed changes undergo design review to ensure that changes are compatible with the historic fabric of the structure, while allowing the structure to be usable in the present. Routine maintenance and painting of any building in DC are not subjected to HPRB review and do not require permits.

The ANC will likely vote on whether to support the nomination at our September 19 meeting and I will have an SMD meeting before then to discuss. Sign up to continue to get these updates: Get Updates

Odds and Ends

Hamlin Street water main break: if you follow me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Eddie4DC) you'll note my ongoing reminders to DC Water to fix the water main break that has been seeping down Hamlin for 2 weeks. I saw workers there tonight so hopefully the water feature will be no more shortly.

I received notification that my request for a crosswalk at the southern part of the Kearny and 8th St intersection now has a work order so keep an eye out near Dance Place.


Dog etiquette: former Commissioner Steiner asked that I remind the community about proper dog etiquette, especially while walking on 5th and 6th St. Here are some best practices but I think we all know how to do the right thing. 


With that, I wish you all a pleasant Thursday evening.


Commissioner Eddie Garnett

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