ANC5E Meeting


 Public Meeting Agenda – June 20, 2017 - 7:00-9:00 pm 

Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School (Cafeteria) - 1400 1st Street NW 

Part I: Opening 

Call to Order Commissioner Thomas 

Roll Call Commissioner Barnes 

Approval of Agenda Commissioners 

Part II: Public Safety Reports/Q&A (5 minutes) 

MPD Public Safety Report PSA 501 & 502 Officers 

Community Comments (2 minutes each) Public 

Part III: Business Administration 

Approval of Meeting Minutes Commissioners 

Treasurer’s Report Commissioner Powell 

Approval to Pay Bills/Reimbursements Commissioner Powell 

Modification of Policies and Procedures Manual Commissioners 

Part IV: Voting Support Requested (5 minutes each) 


Bloomingdale Grant Proposal-second presentation Commissioner Holliday 

Request for Support - 4th Street, NE bike lane (between Franklin St & Michigan Av) Commissioner Garnett Public Space Request to move curb cut-72 Florida Ave NE Commissioner Pinkney 

D.C. Preservation League proposal on American/Sylvan Theater landmark designation Commissioner Holliday 

DDOT LED lighting proposal Commissioner Thomas 

Request for Support - D.C. Visual & Theatrical jazz project Commissioner Thomas 

Office of Planning Comprehensive Plan Resolution Commissioner Holliday 

ABRA Applications: 

Big Bear Summer Garden addition Commissioner McClelland 

BZA/ZC Matters: 

BZA Case #19544 - Exception request for 55 V Street NW (add 2nd story to rear garage) Commissioner Sierra 

BZA Case #19511 – Edgewood Recreation Center project Commissioner Jones 

Part V: Community Concerns (5 minutes each) 

Ward 5 Liaison for Mayor’s Office Lionel Gaines/Hakeem Rogers 

Councilmember McDuffie’s Office Laisha Dougherty/Nolan Treadwell 

Pepco Capital Grid Project Overview Contractor Shamyra Edmonds 

Request for Support - Coalition for the Homeless Commissioner Pinkney 

Part VI: Information Updates 

McMillan Project Commissioner Barnes 

D.C. Preservation League info update on St. Paul’s College Historical Designation Commissioner Garnett 

Eckington Civic Association Proposal to Amend Comprehensive Plan Commissioner Pinkney 

BZA Case No. 19439–Special Exception/Variance @ 311 P St. NW Commissioner Thomas 

June 20, 2017 at 7pm - 9pm
Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School

Will you come?

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