September Update

I hope everyone had a great summer. The Advisory Neighborhood Commission traditionally takes off the July and August months, so our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 07:00 PM at Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School. Here’s a quick roundup of news and notes that impact our Edgewood community.

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June Update

A quick update on the June 20 ANC5E meeting and the June15 ANC5E01 Single Member District (SMD) meeting.


June 15 SMD Meeting (video)

Mike Goodno from DDOT presented the plans for the 4th St bike lane (presentation). The bike lane is proposed to run along the west side of 4th St between Franklin and Michigan Ave NE. The plan will remove rush hour parking restrictions on the east side of 4th St. Both of these measures should provide traffic calming on 4th, which is a 4 lane wide road that feels like a highway but connects Trinity University, Lee Montessori, Washington Leadership Academy, and the basilica. I'll continue to work with DDOT as the new development on 4th St takes place to make the street safe and livable for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers.


I presented a draft Comprehensive Plan amendment to implement the recommendation of the 2016 Brookland-Edgewood Liveability Study to create a pedestrian bridge over the metro and freight rail tracks at Hamlin Street. I think this bridge would increase the connection between Brookland and Edgewood and provide a safer route for children on both sides of the tracks to school as well as increased foot traffic for business. You can provide comments here.

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BZA 19377 ANC5E Resolution

Update (October 9): There are two Historic Preservation nominations (17-14 and 17-21 Both will be discussed at the October 17 ANC meeting and at the November 16 HPRB meeting.

Update (September 10):  BZA hearing has been postponed to January 10. Historic Preservation Review Board hearing will be at 9 am on October 26:

Update (May 29): The BZA hearing has been postponed from May 31 to September 27 as there has been a historic designation application filed.


I want to update you on the outcome from the May 16 ANC meeting (video starting at 1:44:15). I want to thank my fellow commissioners and the community for their interest and attention to the BZA Case 19377 - St. Paul’s. This wasn’t an easy process nor is it a perfect result, yet I think the end compromise is a fair one. By building a coalition on the Commission, we were able to speak with one voice to the Board of Zoning Adjustment and I will continue to represent the ANC5E01 community at the BZA hearing. 

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Reviewing BZA 19377

A Brief History

On March 18, we held an ANC5E01 Single Member District Meeting at the Edgewood Arts Building. At that meeting, Boundary Companies and Elm Street Development presented their proposed development at 3025 4th St NE. They are working in  coordination with the Missionary Society of Saint Paul the Apostle, better known as the Paulist Fathers.

On April 18, the proposed development was presented to the full ANC5E Meeting at Friendship-Armstrong Charter School. You can view the video of the meeting here and the presentation here.
On Tuesday, May 16 the 10 members of ANC5E will vote on whether to support the project, oppose the project, or provide no input to the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA). The BZA will meet on May 31 to decide whether to approve the special exception sought for the project. The BZA is required to give “great weight” to the input of the ANC.
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ANC5E01 Community Feedback on BZA 19377

ANC5E01 Community Feedback on BZA 19377

On March 18, we held an ANC5E01 Single Member District Meeting at the Edgewood Arts Building. The topic was the development at 3025 4th St NE proposed by Boundary Companies and Elm Street Development in coordination with the Missionary Society of Saint Paul the Apostle, better known as the Paulist Fathers.

I received the below responses to the survey from people who attended the meeting, who participated online, and who I reached during an in-person canvass the neighborhood.

The results below reflect the serious concerns of the ANC5E01 community with the proposed project, particularly the loss of green space and the location of the proposed new Paulist Fathers’ building.

These concerns came from residents located in the Chancellor’s Row community as well as residents living on 4th, 5th, and 6th Streets NE. Several longtime residents of ANC5E01 indicated that the Chancellor’s Row project and the two new charter schools have negatively impacted traffic and parking in the area and that this project has the potential to exacerbate those issues.

While only 1/33 of respondents indicated support for the current plan, 21/32 respondents indicated they would support a plan that reflected additional green space and a different location for the Paulist building.

I appreciate Boundary Companies and Elm Street Development’s willingness to meet with community and take feedback. I am hopeful that an improved plan can continue to provide needed housing (including affordable housing) in a metro-accessible and vibrant neighborhood while reflecting community input and preserving as much useful green space as possible. 

I look forward to providing additional feedback in the lead up to the April 18 ANC5E meeting. Please feel free to reach out to me with responses that I can provide to the community.


Commissioner Eddie Garnett


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